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Maternal Genetic Composition of a Medieval Population from a Hungarian-Slavic Contact
Нова публикация  в PLOS ONE

The comparative analysis of the medieval sample sets suggests that the present-day European gene pool could have been formed in the medieval era. This is supported by the presence of a majority of haplogroups and haplotypes in the medieval period which still exist in modern-day Europe. Genetic maternal lineages of the medieval population of present-day Slovakia were diverse and rather similar to medieval Lombards from Hungary and to medieval Slavs from Poland, as well as to modern Europeans, which supports the historical and archaeological standpoint of mixed populations of medieval Slavs and Magyars in the cemeteries investigated. However, the results could have been biased due to the small sample size, and genetic drift could also unnoticeably influence our results. Furthermore, we assessed population interactions and migrations only along the maternal lineages; the paternal side of the medieval population history remained unexamined in this study.
The collection of archaeological relics from genetically examined Slovakian cemeteries overlaps the image drawn by population genetics analysis. The finds of the 10th century cemeteries originated in the material culture of the preceding era, implying that Hungarian groups arriving in the territory blended in with the local population, genetically as well as culturally; this interaction produced the medieval population of the area.
Undoubtedly, further research, including the analysis of the whole mitochondrial genome and nuclear DNA markers, is necessary in the investigation of the genetic connections between medieval and modern populations and in the clarification of the genetic origin of Slavs and Hungarians. Nevertheless, the study presented here of the first successful description of medieval mtDNA variability from Slovakia contributes an important dataset to help reveal the genetic diversity of medieval Europe.
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