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Complete mitogenome data for the Serbian population
Излязло е ново изследване за митоДНК на сърбите на база пълен геном. За съжаление, публикацията е платена, но от допълнителната информация могат да се видят хаплогрупите. Не са сравнени с българи(може би защото нямаме изследване за пълен геном) а само с 10 Европейски популации. Не знам дали разбирам правилно(по-малка цифра, по-близо), но са най-близо до унгарците, а с руснаци и поляци са по-далечни, както и със средиземноморци.
Не са изчислени проценти на хаплогрупи, виждам интересно една L2a1k, която е пълен съвпаденец на нашия "бял негър" и изглежда образуват нова подклонка L2a1k1.
Има само 2 източноазиатски D4j5 и D4j8, които се родеят с разни монголци и буряти, но има и руснаци.

Complete mitogenome data for the Serbian population: the contribution to high-quality forensic databases

Mitochondrial genome (mtDNA) is a valuable resource in resolving various human forensic casework. The usage of variability of complete mtDNA genomes increases their discriminatory power to the maximum and enables ultimate resolution of distinct maternal lineages. However, their wider employment in forensic casework is nowadays limited by the lack of appropriate reference database. In order to fill in the gap in the reference data, which, considering Slavic-speaking populations, currently comprises only mitogenomes of East and West Slavs, we present mitogenome data for 226 Serbians, representatives of South Slavs from the Balkan Peninsula. We found 143 (sub)haplogroups among which West Eurasian ones were dominant. The percentage of unique haplotypes was 85%, and the random match probability was as low as 0.53%. We support previous findings on both high levels of genetic diversity in the Serbian population and patterns of genetic differentiation among this and ten studied European populations. However, our high-resolution data supported more pronounced genetic differentiation among Serbians and two Slavic populations (Russians and Poles) as well as expansion of the Serbian population after the Last Glacial Maximum and during the Migration period (fourth to ninth century A.D.), as inferred from the Bayesian skyline analysis. Phylogenetic analysis of haplotypes found in Serbians contributed towards the improvement of the worldwide mtDNA phylogeny, which is essential for the interpretation of the mtDNA casework.

МтДнк: Т2
> За съжаление, публикацията е платена
libgen . lc-> Scientific articles -> search....

It would be nice to have samples analyzed:
"De novo sequenced mitogenomes from Serbian population were deposited in GenBank under accession numbers
MK134267-MK134373 and MK617218-MK617280. The complete dataset of 226 Serbian mitogenomes went through
the EMPOP quality check [15] and was made available for forensic searches in the EMPOP database (www.empop.org)
under the accession number EMP00739"

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