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Изследване за хазарите
Излязло е ново изследване за хазарите, изглежда старите проби сега са сканирани за У хромозома. Статията е платена и все още не виждам руснаците да са реагирали с подробности.

Както сочеха и аутозомните резултати, те са смесица от източноазиатски и западноевразийски групи.

Y-Chromosome Haplogroup Diversity in Khazar Burials from Southern Russia

Genetic studies of archaeological burials open up new possibilities for investigating the cultural-historical development of ancient populations, providing objective data that can be used to investigate the most controversial problems of archeology. In this work, we analyzed the Y-chromosomes of nine skeletons recovered from elite burial mounds attributed to the 7th–9th centuries of the Khazar Khaganate in the modern Rostov region. Genotyping of polymorphic microsatellite loci of the Y chromosome made it possible to establish that among the nine skeletons studied, three individuals had R1a Y-haplogroup, two had C2b, and one each had G2a, N1a, Q, and R1b Y-haplogroups. Such results were noteworthy for the mixture of West Eurasian and East Asian paternal lineages in these samples. The Y-chromosome data are consistent with the results of the craniological study and genome-wide analysis of the same individuals in showing mixed genetic origins for the early medieval Khazar nobility. These findings are not surprising in light of the history of the Khazar Khaganate, which arose through its separation from the Western Turkic Khaganate and establishment in the North Caucasus and East European steppes.

МтДнк: Т2
На МОлген са публикували таблица с резултатите за STR маркерите. Дадена е таблица с расовата принадлежност на останките. Интересното е, че хаплогрупа С2b1a1b1 са европеиди, а R1b монголоид.

Sample mtDNA Y-DNA Currently common
67 D4e5 R1b монголоид East Asia, also present in North Asia, Southeast Asia, Amerindian
457 C4 G2а2 монголоид Eurasia/Far East
531 X2e R1a европеоид Europe
619 H1a3 Q монголоид Possibly, Southwest Asia
656 C4a1 C3 европеоид Eurasia/Far East
1251 H5b R1a н/у Southwestern Eurasia, Caucasus
1564 H13c1 / H13c: C3 европеоид Europe
1566 D4b1a1a N1a1 н/у Northeast
1986 C4a1c R1a монголоид/европеоид м м Eurasia/Far East

МтДнк: Т2

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