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YSEQ Haplogroup Predictor
Томас Кран е обявил нов предиктор за мъжките хаплогрупи, който може да се ползва от неговия сайт. Той бил създаден в сътрудничество с Хантър Провин. Не е ясно дали ще е по-полезен за нас от Невген, ако е ориентиран повече към западняшките хаплотипи, които са в базата данни на YSEQ.


Together with Hunter Provyn we have developed a YSEQ predictor based on machine learning software (Random Forest method). We're still in the testing phase and we welcome your feedback. Of course the YSEQ predictor is free to use and we have released the code as open source.

The YSEQ Haplogroup Predictor was influenced by the ideas of Whit Athey's Haplogroup Predictor (2006) and the NevGen Predictor from Milos Cetkovic Gentula and Aco Nevski (2014).

While both mentioned haplogroup predictors use a  Bayesian-Allele-Frequency approach, this YSEQ predictor uses machine  learning with the random forest technique.
Machine learning is in its infancy, so this predictor is unlikely to  give you better or more precise results than the Bayesian predictor  types, but at least you can consider it as a
second opinion  with an independent method.
 Note that the YSEQ predictor is based on results of YSEQ customers, but  it doesn't reveal the underlying STR profiles and original sample donors  (they are not even stored on this web server at all).  A computer based random number generator is the origin for creating  random decision trees  which are then just tested with a real life truth set. The teaching  process simply selects the best decision trees and uses them for the  prediction process.
Please consider this beta version as an experiment which is largely  untested and which needs a lot of improvements for reliable haplogroup  predictions. We hope that when the number of samples increases, more and  more  outlier cases will be covered and considered for the prediction. We hope  that this tool will become useful for the genetic genealogy community.  The YSEQ Haplogroup Predictor comes with
no warranty, explicit or implied.
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