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Mitochondrial ancestry of medieval individuals.....southeastern Romania
В началото на всеки месец получавам известие за новите публикации в  Genbank. Така разбрах за 6 нови секвенции, които се оказаха от научна публикация. 

Mitochondrial ancestry of medieval individuals carelessly interred in a multiple burial from southeastern Romania.


The historical province of Dobruja, located in southeastern Romania, has experienced intense human population movement, invasions, and conflictual episodes during the Middle Ages, being an important intersection point between Asia and Europe. The most informative source of maternal population histories is the complete mitochondrial genome of archaeological specimens, but currently, there is insufficient ancient DNA data available for the medieval period in this geographical region to complement the archaeological findings. In this study, we reconstructed, by using Next Generation Sequencing, the entire mitochondrial genomes (mitogenomes) of six medieval individuals neglectfully buried in a multiple burial from Capidava necropolis (Dobruja), some presenting signs of a violent death. Six distinct maternal lineages (H11a1, U4d2, J1c15, U6a1a1, T2b, and N1a3a) with different phylogenetic background were identified, pointing out the heterogeneous genetic aspect of the analyzed medieval group. Using population genetic analysis based on high-resolution mitochondrial data, we inferred the genetic affinities of the available medieval dataset from Capidava to other ancient Eurasian populations. The genetic data were integrated with the archaeological and anthropological information in order to sketch a small, local piece of the mosaic that is the image of medieval European population history.

Пълният текст на публикацията
Да, това е свързано с предишни публикации за Капидава, които сме обсъждали тук:
МтДнк: Т2
С гордост мога да съобщя, че вече две Български секвенции подадени в Genbank за включени в сравнителния анализ:

това са  - и двете  T2b

(03-04-2019, 10:30 AM)genefan Писа: Да, това е свързано с предишни публикации за Капидава, които сме обсъждали тук:

Да, но в момента в тази публикация са извели различни данни от преди това обсъжданите, защото тук са само 6 пълни секвенции, H13a1a3  и т.н. 

Още повече, че те публикуваха онзи материал под Maternal DNA lineages at the gate of Europe in the 10th century AD


явно там продължава да се работи и да се правят нови изследвания. 

В авторския колектив участва и Alessandra Modi - Dipartimento di Biologia, Università di Firenze, 50122 Florence, Italy
My mtDNA - H13a1c
Father's Y-DNA - J-ZS2566, mtDNA - HV4
My maternal grandfather's mtDNA - T1a1l
My father's parental grandmother's mtDNA - HV21
Maternal 2nd great-grandfather's Y-DNA - E-Y3183
Parental 2nd great-grandfather's Y-DNA - R-Y5586
Parental 2nd great-grandfather's Y-DNA - J-PH1602


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