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Предконгресна промоция на Панели в YSEQ
Welcome to YSEQ DNA Shop
Welcome Guest! Would you like to log yourself in? Or would you prefer to create an account?
Astrid and Thomas Krahn Come to I4GG San Diego!
This is a good opportunity to meet YSEQ and discuss your Y-haplogroup project with us personally. Save on shipping costs by directly giving us your samples and watch out for great sales prices during this weekend!

I4GG Sales Prices (valid until 10/31/2016)
Super Clade Panels $99 Sale:$88
R1b-L21, R1b-U106, R1b-U152 (new!), J1, J2, E1b-V68, C
Haplogroup Panels $88 Sale: $77
E1a-M132, E1b-L19, E1b-V12, E1b-V13, G2a-L497, G2a-Z6552, I1-Z63, I12a-M284, I2a-M423, L-M20, N1c-VL29, Q1b-L275, R1a-L664, R1a-M458, R1a-Z280, R1a-Z284, R1a-Z93, R1b-DF21, R1b-DF27, R1b-DF49, R1b-DF63, R1b-FGC11134, R1b-FGC5494, R1b-L1335, R1b-L48, R1b-L513, R1b-S1051, R1b-Z253, R1b-Z255

Y-STR Panels
YSEQ Alpha $58 Sale: $44
YSEQ Alpha-Beta $85 Sale: $66

IMPORTANT! All products in this shop only make sense for male test takers! Females don't have a Y chromosome, therefore we can only report failed marker results on female samples.

FREE shipping on all orders above $100!
E-V13-BY4523(364883, YF05703)
R1a-Z93-Y15121-Y5271*(364878, YF06450)
J2a-M67-PH2758(366674, YSEQ2606)
J2a-L25-PF5350*(364879, YSEQ2347)
I2a-Y3548*(366675, YF07848)
I2a-Y3548*(414297, YF07821)

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