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Изследване за хазарите
Хазарите археологически принадлежали към Салтово-маякската култура, към която са спрягани и прабългарите. В статията определено се отбелязва, че може би културно и расово няма разлика между прабългари и хазари. Така тюрко-монголоидния произход поне на елита трябва да е безспорен.

Nonetheless, it appears that the Khazar elite was composed of Asiatic steppe nomads which remained remarkably genetically and culturally distinct from the peoples they conquered. One possible exception to this observation might be the Bulgars, who were absorbed into the Khaganate when Old Great Bulgaria was conquered by the Khazars in VII century AD and may have been assimilated.
However, given the common Turkic genetic background of the Bulgars and Khazars, these ethnicities may be difficult to tell apart either archaeologically or genetically.
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