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Изследване за хазарите
Погребана е и хипотезата, че евреите Ашкенази произлизат от хазарите, които уж приемат Юдаизма. Освен че не са намерени никакви археологически потвърждения, сега и генетиката казва същото.

Here we explore the ethnic composition of the Khazars, and also specifically test the hypothesis
of their relatedness to contemporary Ashkenazi Jews, by sequencing nine genomes from Khazar
kurgans in southern Russia. Based on physical anthropological investigations, these burials
belong to a range of ethnic types and provide a window into the genetic makeup of the society.
We found that the Khazar elite drew from a variety of Central Asian tribes with a mostly Turkic
genetic composition and with some Siberian and East Asian components, as well as notable
Caucasian and Middle Eastern genetic contributions to at least some of their members. We found
no significant trace of Ashkenazi genetic composition in either nuclear, mitochondrial or Ychromosome data, strongly indicating that Khazars were generally not related to them. These
findings support the view that the Khazars were a mixture of predominantly Turkic steppe tribes,
who conquered westward territories in probably the same manner as Scythians, Huns,Pechenegs, and Mongols before and after them.
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